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Economy Stair Nosing Clip

$4.75 incl. GST

Economy Stair Nosing Clip.
Clip only. Fixings to be purchased separately.

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Our economy stair nosing clip is available in galvanised and stainless steel options. This allows you the flexibility to suit your application or environment where the clips are used.

The shape of the economy stair nosing clip offers sturdy and dependable grip strength to secure the nosing to the stair tread.


  1. Place the nosing on the stair tread to ensure the item fits correctly.
  2. After removing the nosing from the stair tread, mark the decided placement for the fixings.
  3. All nosing fixings should be as near to the centre of the depth of the nosing as possible and at least 100mm from either end of the nosing.
  4. If using grating stair treads, ensure your decided fixing points are central to the apertures in the stair tread and do not clash with load bars.
  5. Fixings should be applied every 700mm I.e. a 900mm nosing would require at least 2 fixing systems, 100mm from either end.
  6. Using a variable speed drive, proceed to drill a 75mm fixing hole using a timber/metal drill piece.
  7. Once the process has been completed for all fixing holes required, place the nosing on the stair tread/grating and position correctly.
  8. Proceed to install the nosing.
  9. Ensure all nuts are tightened securely.

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